September 3, 2013

Escape Sequence

No trial and error allowed. Evacuate. Now.

Escape Sequence is an FPS game made in a week for the 7DFPS game jam, that features a different kind of puzzle game where trial and error is not the best course of action. Among hundreds of games made during the 2013 edition, Escape Sequence is one of the most popular.

The goal is to reach the exit of each module of the station before it collapses. You must study the evacuation plan and remember the route to make it in time.

Game Info

- Title: Escape Sequence
- Genre: FPS / Action
- Platforms: PC, Web
- Release date: August, 2013
- Website:



 - Rock, Paper, Shotgun - The game was featured in the PC gaming website Rock, Paper, Shotgun on their article about the 7DFPS.
 - Unity3D official blog - Escape Sequence was also featured on the Unity3D blog on this post about the challenge.


 - Escape Sequence played by iDubbbzTV:

Why this game?

Most games force "Trial and Error" behaviors in players. You can get through almost every game just by trying until something works. Even most puzzle games do that! Dying and respawning is basically trial and error.

My aim for the 7DFPS was to make a game where "Trial and Error" is no longer valid. Where if you rush to try to get through the game, you would find you can’t get to the end, no matter the number of tries. But maintaining some kind of challenge.

I've tried to remove every random, hidden and skill challenging mechanics, unfortunately I had to remove shootings too. Now you can get through the game or don’t. But don’t try.

In fact there is still some Trial and Error I couldn't remove, this is a game for God’s sake! :P


Escape sequence was developed with Unity3D engine, using C# as script language. I used 3D Studio Max and Photoshop to model and texture the corridors. The props are taken and modified from the Unity demo game "Angry Bots".

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June 5, 2013

Orc Attack: Flatulent Rebellion

Orc Attack is a third-person cooperative hack 'n slash for up to four players (local or online) overflowing with humor and flatulent rebellion. These orc warriors have been poisoned by the humans and claim their revenge using their explosive flatulence against them.

The game features a very polished combat system with RPG character evolution and lots of fun and crazy weapons, shields and magic helmets. It is developed for digital distribution in PC, PlayStation3 (PlayStation Network), and Xbox360 (Xbox Live Arcade).

Game Info

  - Title: Orc Attack: Flatulent rebellion
  - Genre: Action / RPG / Hack n' slash
  - Platforms: PC, Xbox360, PS3
  - Release date: -
  - Links: Official Website / Steam / Facebook


Video Teaser:


Tasks & Responsibilities

I worked as Logic Programmer in Casual Brothers Ltd. for more than a year, programming in C++ within a proprietary engine.

  - Logic: Behavior of enemy character and bosses, mechanics, hazards, power-ups, weapons and collectibles in C++
  - UI: Program and help with the design of the user interface, HUD and menus
  - Particles: Create and program particle systems within the engine and effects to be used in game
  - XBLA/PSN requirements: Read the SDK documentation and help with the programming of XBLA/PSN requirements such as leaderboards or achievements

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May 26, 2013

Writing for the indie-o-rama magazine

A couple of months ago I discovered this great online magazine: indie-o-rama. Since I was searching for an excuse to get into writing about video games regularly, I contacted the team behind it and offered them my services and eternal devotion. 

At first, my collaboration would center on writing articles about video game development targeting beginner developers. When writing I've tried to not to go into the subjects very deeply, but trying to tie connections between concepts in a general way, as when I was learning it was difficult to find this sort of information.

So after writing a couple of texts, I can say writing these kind of articles it's more difficult than it appears at first instance. It takes a lot of time and I make a lot of mistakes on the writing, but it's a funny and rewarding activity I recommend to everyone, just like making games!

I'm glad to contribute to the cause and help to get indie-o-rama to the top of the Spanish indie game magazines.

You have the link to the magazine up there, and you can find my articles under the Dev Lavde header - please note that they are all in Spanish.
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December 30, 2012

Super Pixel Mike

Super pixel mike is our latest Windows Phone game made with XNA. It mixes the Super Jumping Game with the Pixel Series' look, in an addictive and challenging platformer. The gameplay is very similar to Super Jumping Mike: an auto-runner platformer game. In this case the player has two possible actions: jump and boost.

It features two game modes: Color Mode with a NES style color palette and Portable Mode that emulates the Game Boy graphic mode.

Game Info

Title: Super Pixel Mike
Genre: Action / Platformer
Platforms: Windows Phone
Release date: December, 2012
Links: Official Webpage / Windows Marketplace


Sky Diver was developed using XNA framework for Windows Phone.



Task & Responsibilities

  - Game Design: Help with the concept, theme and gameplay design

  - Logic: Logic programming for the game mechanics (C#, XNA) 
  - Menu: Menus and screens behavior (C#, XNA)
  - Visual Effects: Particle effects (C#, XNA)
  - Tools: Level editor, 2D Particle system editor (C#, .NET)

  - Sprites: Design and draw sprites, tiles, and backgrounds for the game

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January 31, 2012

Sonic Riders

Sonic Riders is the game I made during the Global Game Jam 2012, with Rob Díaz and Anders Restad, in 48 hours. The theme was the ouroboros symbol, so we decided to make a game based in a music loop, represented by cars in a circular highway. The game was made with Unity, using Javascript as scripting language.

The goal is to keep the cars "alive" by lowering the barriers in the right moment (when the light is red). When a car passes the barrier a sample will sound synchronized with the music.

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